For many, this may be the first time you may be hiring a photographer.

With that, we understand you may have questions!

Weddings & Events

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    My wedding has multiple individual ceremonies on individual days. Will this be a problem?

    We understand in some cultures there may be multiple ceremonies in accordance to tradition. We can cater to as many, or as little, of these components as you wish! Besides, what’s easier than having everything done under one roof?


    My partner and I can get awkward in front of the camera. Will that be an issue?

    No! We know this may be the first time for a lot of couples in front of the camera, and that’s why we intend to make you as comfortable as possible! In addition to this, we try and squeeze in a dedicated time away from prying eyes. Whether it’s posed or candid, it is our job to show your glow on your special day!


    I would like a photobook of my day/prints. What can be done?

    We know sometimes it’s nice to have a physical memento from your special day, so if it’s either prints or a photobook, we are prepared to look into options based on your needs!


    Do you only shoot full weddings?

    We understand sometimes you may only want part of your day covered! Being shot whilst getting ready, or even during the afterparty, is not everyone’s cup of tea! Check our ‘Wedding & Events’ portfolio to see the list of options we can cater but are not limited to!




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    Our business relies on regular content across our platforms. What can be done?

    As opposed to single bouts of content, we can offer monthly tailored packages specific to your needs to make sure your social media presence stands out with regular fresh content on a consistent basis!


    Our business has decided to launch a specific campaign.

    To ensure we are able to provide content in line with your needs, we cover any upcoming campaigns within the consultancy stage.


    We require content for an impromptu campaign requiring immediate attention. Will this be a problem?

    As a business, we understand how time is of the essence! At Arcane studios we will provide you with a dedicated contact who will handle your enquiry. No need for dragged out


    Do I retain the rights to reproduce or share content as we see fit?

    Yes! Whatever content we generate you are able to use to your own heart’s desire!



Fashion & Lifestyle

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    I can get awkward in front of the camera. Will that be an issue?

    No! We know this may be your first time in front of the camera as a first-time model trying to build their portfolio, and that’s why we intend to make you as comfortable as possible! Sometimes you may need a little direction in how to pose, and with our guidance we can give you the most out of your time with us!


    I have no idea what to wear!

    Prior to the shoot commencing, we will draw up a mood board & plan everything from locations to what looks we are aiming to achieve; this includes preferences in outfits!


    I want to post my photos online. Is that okay?

    Of course! After we have finished, the content is free to use at your own discretion.


    I have a friend I want to bring along for support. Is that okay?

    Yes! We understand it can be daunting being alone with a single photographer and an assistant. Being comfortable translates into better content, and the last thing we would want do is make you not want to be there getting awesome stuff for yourself!




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    We really like your work & would love to have you! How do we go about booking you?

    First of all, thank you for considering us! To go about booking us just fill out the form on the Contact Us page, we will promptly get back to you within 24 hours of your initial message. From there we will take you through our consultancy stage where we have you interact with one of our representatives to better understand how we can help you.


    What if I need to reschedule?

    As long as ample notice is provided and our diaries are free, we can reschedule!


    How soon would I be able to receive my images?

    Depending of the scale of your shoot, it will be relative to the time it will take during post-production. Weddings will typically take 4-6 weeks, whereas everything else will be on a case-by-case basis.


    My last photographer had to cancel on us last minute. Would that be a problem?

    If it is the unfortunate case your initial photographer has had to cancel, we can step in as seamlessly as possible provided we have availability in our diaries!


    What if Covid-19 affects my wedding?

    With the notorious pandemic happening in the world we understand getting married in this climate can be daunting & somewhat frustrating. At Arcane Studios we are able to accommodate with being in the guidelines the government have set out.


    Are you insured?

    Yes! We are covered by Public Liability Insurance, so you can rest assured we are protected.



Something We Haven't Covered?

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